Thursday, January 10, 2019

Ever have fun with the Google Translate app? Enter an English phrase and translate it into another language, preferably one that is unusual or obscure. Then copy and paste the foreign phrase and translate it back into English. The results are rarely what you would expect. (Jimmy Kimmel does a version of this with popular songs)
Like me, maybe you have discovered that communicating clearly is challenging. Have you ever said something and were shocked at how it was misunderstood by others? 

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What I said isn't always what is heard by someone else. But even worse, all too often what is passed along to others isn't what I said at all. 

People hear in different ways, so messages need to be communicated multiple times using various methods. 
I realize I have so much to learn about communication...but sometimes, I think it would be easier to just type what I want to say into Google Translate...and see what happens.