Monday, December 10, 2007

Dangerous Surrender

I am reading an incredible book written by Kay Warren entitled Dangerous Surrender. The by-line is what grabbed me the most: "What happens when you say yes to God".

Almost a month ago, I felt God was speaking to my heart about surrendering to Him in a way I have never experienced. It was a tough decision for me because I had to give up some very strong desires and yield in obedience to what God wanted. From that day, Kay Warren's book has been God's tool in my life.

I write all of this about Kay Warren because she needs prayer support today. She and her husband Rick were interviewed on ABC's Good Morning America today. Following the airing, many people began emailing and blogging terrible things about her (see

I believe what she has written in the book and is sharing publicly is authentically a move of God in her life that could radically affect other believers and churches in a life-altering way. Please take a few moments right now to pray that Kay will remain faithful, strong, encouraged and safe as she continues to be used by God.