Thursday, January 17, 2008

Open or Closed

An obscure verse causes me to think about my faith..."They (the disciples) did not understand about the miracle of the five loaves, because their minds were closed." (Mark 6:52 NCV)

This statement comes on the heels of Jesus feeding the multitudes, walking on water and calming the storm that was threatening to overwhelm the disciples' boat. Three back to back miracles...and yet, the Bible indicates the closed-mindedness of the disciples.

This taps me on the shoulder because I frequently push back or remain doubtful, even though God is active around me.

Often I witness others experiencing the miraculous provision of God, but I struggle to see past my own situations. I have a tendency to think that God is unaware of what I'm facing.

Too many times I question God's plan when it involves something I didn't plan on or doesn't come in the way I expected.

All too often I miss out on experiencing the fullness of God's miracles because I have a closed mind to what He is doing.

Today I hear God whispering to my heart--"Keep an open mind."
God is doing miracles all around me...
Will I engage in them or distance myself from them?