Friday, November 14, 2008

Cabo Cruise--Day 5

After a quick breakfast, DeeDee and I left the ship and walked into Ensenada. We were on a mission to find souvenirs for the kids.

Unlike Cabo, Ensenada offers shops of Mexican crafts, clothing and trinkets. We had a fun time striking bargains with the vendors. My best deal was a $20 purchase of a large Grizzly bear figure made of ironwood which was initially priced at $40.

Today's unique moment was another encounter with an elderly pastor and his wife that we met on the 1st day of cruise. They are retiring after 50+ years in ministry--currently serving at a small church in Arizona. We've had several opportunities to connect with them over the last few days--almost as if God wanted us to encourage them. I don't believe in coincidence, so I know God orchestrated our connection with them aboard a ship of 2,400 passengers...and then again today in the city of Ensenada.

We returned to the ship around 3pm to relax before dinner and review our purchases.

At dinner, we again enjoyed conversation with our friends from Canada and Nor Cal. The highlight of the meal was my curry-rich Indian food and DeeDee's baked alaska dessert--one of two dessert she's never had before, but enjoyed this trip.

Following dinner, we said farewell to our table mates and shared email addresses for future contact. We graciously thanked our servers--Yong from China and Ali from Bali. (Interestingly, over 34 ethnic groups are represented on the ship's crew).

Tomorrow we dock in San Diego and return to the 'real world'.

I must admit...this has been the experience of a lifetime. I don't think I've ever felt so spoiled.