Thursday, December 11, 2008

Advent Conspiracy

Christ's birth is a story of promise, hope, and a revolutionary love. So, what happened? What was once a time to celebrate the birth of a Savior has somehow turned into a season of stress, traffic jams, and shopping lists. And when it's all over, many of us are left with presents to return, looming debt that will take months to pay off, and this empty feeling of missed purpose.

Is this what we really want out of Christmas?

I'm so excited about the new series we began Sunday because I know God has been speaking to me about this in my own heart for weeks now. And as God spoke to me, He introduced me to an idea called "Advent Conspiracy". (View video on right sidebar)

Advent Conspiracy is a movement calling us to proclaim Christ in how we celebrate Christmas. It's a new focus on the story of Christmas as a revolutionary event by encouraging believers to Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More and Love All.

It starts with Jesus and ends with Jesus. This is the holistic approach God had in mind for Christmas. It’s a season where we are called to put down our burdens and lift a song up to our God. Entering the story of Advent means entering this season with an overwhelming passion to worship Jesus to the fullest.

We like gifts. Our kids really like gifts. But consider this: America spends an average of $450 billion a year every Christmas. How often have you spent money on Christmas presents for no other reason than obligation? How many times have you received a gift out of that same obligation? We’re asking people to consider spending 50% less on Christmas this year so that we can be more available to celebrate Christ during the season.

God’s gift to us was a relationship built on love. So it’s no wonder why we’re drawn to the idea that Christmas should be a time to love our friends and family in the most memorable ways possible. Time is the real gift Christmas offers us, and no matter how hard we look, it can’t be found at the mall. Time to make a gift that turns into the next family heirloom. Time to make love visible through relational giving.

Though rich, Jesus became poor to love the needy, the forgotten, the overlooked and the sick. By spending less at Christmas, we have the opportunity to join him in giving resources to those who need help the most.

I invite you to join me in the Conspiracy...enter the story.
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