Monday, June 22, 2009


Thought I'd share an article I came across today...

A sampling of what some 5th graders have learned in life...
"I've learned the difference between dog food and meatballs."
"I've learned if you eat cheesecake and laugh hard, it will come out your nose."
"I've learned that the smartest person isn't always right."
"I've learned to never put a baby on a table because it rolls off."
"I've learned life is not always fair."
"I've learned to not eat chili and go bowling."
"I've learned that a hamster can eat through a paper bag."
"I've learned if you don't feed a bird at least twice a week it dies."
"I've learned that batteries are explosive in the fireplace."

Lastly, something I've learned...
Keep learning...because there's a lot out there I don't know yet.