Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Waiting Isn't Wasting Time

Today I read something from Chuck Swindoll that grabbed me..."During times of waiting on God, there is a 'white space'. That’s when nothing seems to be happening—at least nothing visible. You could easily tell yourself at the time, 'I’m waiting in vain. Nothing’s going to change.' That’s precisely what the Adversary wants you to think: 'Waiting on God is a waste.'"

I'm sure that's how Abraham felt as he waited on God's promise in Genesis 15. After experiencing the leaving of his homeland, a widespread famine and the departure of his nephew to the "best land"...all he does is wait for God to fulfill His promise.

Swindoll continues "This may be one of those 'white spaces' in your own life. Maybe it’s time for you to pray and to call upon some close friends to pray with you. Maybe it’s time for you to say, 'I can’t find the path to walk in this unpredictable situation. So I’m going to wait...I’m not going to rush...and in the meantime, I’m going to give it to God. I’m going to listen with a sensitive ear and watch for God's leading with a sensitive eye.'"

In almost 25 years of pastoral ministry, I have had many occasions to wait on God. I still do today. During those times when doubt and discouragement creep into my head, God provides a strong reminder that He is at work--just like He did to Abraham in Genesis 15:1..."Abram, don’t be afraid. I will defend you and I will give you a great reward."

Like I said on Sunday, "If God has made you a 'promise' and you see nothing yet--be assured He knows what needs to take place for those promises to be fulfilled and He is at work."