Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Here's something I read from Chuck Swindoll...

Whatever God plans, He pursues
There’s nothing wrong with having a plan that gives direction and purpose. In fact,
there’s everything right about it as long as it is the Lord who provides the direction. BUT...sometimes God’s plans confound human wisdom and defy common sense.

Whomever God chooses, He uses
And, I must quickly add, the people God chooses are never perfect. That includes me. That includes you. In fact, we prove more useful to the Lord when we accept that reality...and trust Him with our imperfections.

Wherever God selects, He sends
Sometimes God’s plan includes removing some very gifted people from among us and sending them elsewhere. His ways are not our ways. His places are not the places we would choose to go on our own. None of that matters. What matters is this: God sends people of His choosing to places of His choosing.


excerpt from "The Pastor's Soul, Role and Home" by Chuck Swindoll