Monday, April 15, 2013

How Busyness Affects You? by Steve Saccone

"Almost no one wishes they were busier—that we had more things to do, more places to be, more people to catch up with, more errands to run, or more emails to respond to. No one wants that.

Instead, most of us wish life would actually slow down, or that we had more hours in the day, and that we could focus more on the substantial and less on the superficial – not the other way around.

If we peel back a layer, I think what we really wish is that we were able to be more present in our own lives, and less preoccupied. Anybody with me?

There’s that voice inside that tells us we aren’t designed to live in fast-forward, always wondering or worrying about what is next or what needs to be done. That line gets easily blurs between healthy busyness and unhealthy scattered-ness.

The real dilemma isn’t pointing towards us believing that busyness is inherently bad.
The real dilemma is pointing us towards a more centered way of living.

The issue here isn’t busyness. Rather, distraction.

Dallas Willard says that the greatest enemy to our spiritual life is – you guessed it – distraction..."

~~excerpt from blog posted on April 14, 2013       click here to read more

Steve Saccone is a speaker, pastor, blogger and author of 4 books. He  currently serves as the Director of Staff and Leadership Development at The Highway Community in the San Francisco Bay Area. Previously, Steve served at Mosaic in Los Angeles, CA and at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, IL.