Monday, August 5, 2013

Sometimes I have heard from God, but I have to learn to wait for God's timing.

We have heard the story of David many times, the unlikely young man who God took from being a shepherd and made king. However, what we sometimes fail to realize is that when Samuel anointed David as king, David didn't immediately leave his field and become king. There was a gap between the anointing and the appointing.

The Bible says that the Holy Spirit was upon David from the time he was anointed, but we see that there was a lot of ground to cover after this event before he would step into His full calling. David grew in faith after he was anointed. He was met with challenges that helped prepare him for what was ahead. Perhaps, David's most famous and defining moment is when he killed Goliath. However, David was only able to do this because of the years he spent in the field slaying lions and bears that attacked his sheep. God used the time between the anointing and the appointing to prepare David and David stayed close to God during this time.

Sometimes when God speaks to us, we doubt that we have heard His voice if we do not see His promises come to fruition in the immediate future. However, I have come to learn that God's timeline often looks much different than my timeline and the time in between is crucial to what lies ahead.  This is where faith comes in.

We have to learn the voice of God in our lives, believe what He says is true and trust in the Lord for His perfect timing.  

excerpt from an article written by Rich Guerra, SoCal Network Superintendent