Friday, December 13, 2013

Good article for some of us...

Typically, I like to finish my Christmas shopping early in the season. It's always a good feeling to come into December knowing that I'm ahead of the game. This way I can put careful thought into what I get each person. I'm never forced to make quick last-minute gift decisions and I can avoid the craziness of the malls for all of December. But it doesn't always happen this way.

There are many times when the months leading up to Christmas are busy. October and November fly by and before I know it, it's December! The Christmas parties are in full swing and I find myself trying to keep up with everything rather than feeling like I'm prepared.
Many of us feel most secure and at ease when we have a game-plan. But there are many seasons of life that don't allow for strategic planning. Things come up in life that are unexpected and even when we are able to plan ahead, sometimes our plans fail. It's times like these that remind us that we only have so much control over our circumstances and putting our security in our plans is misplacing our hope.
This Christmas season, you may be ready to face the day or you may be weary and feel weighed down. Sometimes the best thing we can do is to stop trying to fix things, stop trying to make plans and surrender to God. We may not feel prepared, but God was not surprised by it and when our plans fail, His plan is still in place.
excerpt from article written by Rich Guerra in SoCal Network News