Friday, January 24, 2014

What Kind of Spouse Would Jesus Be?

George Wood, General Superintendent for the Assemblies of God, recently posted a blog with some great reminders for married couples...

"How would Jesus treat your wife?   How would Jesus treat your husband?

He would never: curse, yell, insult, hit, be rude, bully, treat someone like a slave, tell someone to shut up, allow someone to wait on them, demand to be served,  give the silent treatment, insist that His demands be met without consideration of another's needs, be unfaithful.

He would model the response He desired.  Did Jesus want His disciples to learn to be servants? Rather than lecturing them, He demonstrated service by taking a towel and washing their feet.

He would initiate communication and reconciliation.  Who repairs the relationship between Jesus and Peter after Peter's denial?  Jesus.  After His resurrection, He personally appeared to Peter.

He would exhibit responsibility, provide security, and take the lead in demonstrating tenderness. Jesus would not come home from a day's work, sit in a lazy chair, and begin barking orders.  He excelled in giving love to others, and always looked for ways to help, strengthen, and encourage."