Friday, September 14, 2007

Bump, Set, Share

I like volleyball...watching it, playing it, you name it. Probably because in high school, it was my best sport.

This past Wednesday, I joined a group of people at the YMCA playing volleyball...but in my mind, playing was secondary because connecting with people is my primary goal.

When I saw the posted sign about Open Volleyball on Wednesday nights, I knew this was an opportunity for me to use something I like to do as an avenue to make some unchurched friends.

What is something you like to do? Have you ever thought about using it as a way to connect with unchurched people?

We have to be intentional in order to do what Jesus said..."Go and make followers of all people in the world." (Matthew 28:19)

So when this old guy has sore muscles, it's because I'm living out the Great pain, no gain!