Thursday, November 22, 2007

Just Like Waves

"No one can interrupt God's work." (Daniel 4:35 MSG) This verse causes a lot of thoughts to bounce around in my mind today.

If God's work cannot be interrupted, why should I even worry about being involved since it will continue with or without me? At first, you might connect this with the idea of "fate" beyond your control. But the more I think about this, the more I realize that it's my loss if I don't stay involved.

At the beach, I've noticed that waves continue to crash onto the shore with or without my involvement. But the fun I enjoy in water play is fully dependent upon my participation. I miss out by not getting in the water.

I don't want to stand and watch God do things--I want to get in on what God is doing. I want to be fully engaged in His work in and around me. Catch a wave!