Friday, November 30, 2007

Pulled Into Life

As a gray sky was raining all around me , I sat in my truck in an empty parking lot, enjoying my decaf venti Americano from Starbucks and reading God's word. It's usually in these surreal moments that God speaks so profoundly to me.

He didn't disappoint as I read..."The pain of birth will come for him, but he is like a foolish baby who won't come out of its mother's womb." (Hosea 13:13 NCV)

I relate to this passage. When our twins were being born, Brooke entered the world rather easily, but Bryce was another story. Once he experienced more room in the womb, Bryce decided to stretch out and stay for a while longer...40 minutes to be exact. Trying to remove him, the doctor pulled at a very uncooperative Bryce. Finally, he was forced into life through a C-section.

Today God points out my tendency to be unwilling to enter into "full" life (like Jesus spoke of in John 10:10). Yes, my heart is beating and I'm breathing spiritually, but am I fully alive in the life that God has for me? God speaks to me about how I am too comfortable with the way things are and reluctant to move into more of what He desires for me.

To add emphasis, God challenges me in the next verse..."Shall I intervene and pull him into life?" (Hosea 13:14 MSG) In very certain terms, God is telling me that He will do whatever necessary to pull me into the life He has for me...because He loves me.