Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Up Close & Personal

Sometimes I feel "disconnected" in life.
I feel disengaged from whatever I have to do and I only go through the motions.

Yesterday was a day like that for me.

I'm sure coming off of a very busy couple of weeks has caused much of what I feel. Between our involvement with the fires and community events, it's been difficult to even catch our breath.

In those "disconnected" times, I know God is with me, but even my connection with Him seems affected. I'm so thankful that God doesn't pull away from me in a knee-jerk response. I'm so glad I can trust in what He says..."Am I not a God near at hand and not a God far off?" (Jeremiah 23:23 MSG)

This reminds me of a song that reads..."Even though I get off track, Lord, Your faithfulness never dies. Even though I turn my back, Lord, Your faithfulness never dies. You'll always be by my side with Your arms open wide. I've not a need You won't provide. Lord, You're so much more faithful than I."

God is always up close & personal...even when I'm "disconnected".