Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Working Out

Today's reading has got me thinking...
"Physical exercise has some value,
but spiritual exercise is valuable in every way."
(1 Timothy 4:8 GN)

While on vacation, I was only able to work out once. Today I regret it...because my muscles are screaming at me. I've been to the gym twice in 2 days and I feel it all over. By not working out consistently, I have affected my body.

Just like my body, my spirit--heart & soul--is negatively affected when I don't "exercise". And I don't experience the consequences of the lack of "exercise" until it's too late and something has been affected--either physically or spiritually.

How do I spiritually "exercise"? For me, I have found that daily Bible reading and journaling, times of worship and prayer, being with believers at church and small groups, receiving practical biblical teaching and participating in acts of compassion stretch and shape my heart, mind and soul. If I miss these elements for several days, I am affected...and so are the people around me.

God's challenge is to make my spiritual exercise as high a priority as my physical workouts.

Right now though...
I've just got to get out of my chair without too much pain.