Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Among The Baggage

"He has hidden himself among the baggage. Then they ran and took him from there." (1 Samuel 10:22-23 ESV)

Anointed by the prophet and publicly recognized as King, we find Saul hiding. He was a reluctant servant--even though it was clear that God was choosing and using him.

I hate to admit it, but at times, I find myself 'among the baggage'. God tells me what to do for my wife, with my kids, in my job, at my church...and what do I do? I don't want to do it because of fear or laziness, so I don't and hope that God won't see me.

Problem is...God always sees me and doesn't let me off the hook. And the most embarrassing part--others see me hiding as well.

It's time to step front and center into all that God has for me.