Monday, September 29, 2008

Fireproof Does It Again

Fifteen of us sat around talking and enjoying our coffee or ice cream last night. We had just saw "Fireproof" together. This is a 'must-see' movie.

This is my 2nd time to see this film and I was once again challenged by it. Both times I have thought to myself..."I've been married almost 24 years and I still have some things I need to work on to be a better husband."

This morning I couldn't get a particular passage out of my head--usually the process God uses when He wants to help me change in a particular area. Here's the challenging passage..."Each man must love his wife as he loves himself." (Ephesians 5:33 NLT)

I don't think I'm narcissistic or anything, but I do focus a lot on "my" needs, wants and desires. Based on my workout routine, my eating habits and other rituals, it's pretty obvious to me that I "love" myself. When I consider what the apostle Paul tells husbands, I see I have so far to grow on this.

Fortunately, my wife DeeDee sees marriage as lifelong...I'll probably need it to become the kind of husband I should be to her.