Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let's Pray For Them

Lanlan is a young Chinese girl who will spend this Christmas without her father. Her dad, Pastor Lou Yuanqi is in the midst of a trial which started just days ago. This is the fourth time he has been imprisoned for his faith. From information received, his sentence will likely be severe.

Lanlan, with her mother, brother and sister wait at home, knowing in just a few days, their lives will be changed by the verdict.

Even at the young age of 16, Lanlan has already paid a price for religious freedom. Police arrested her last February for teaching Sunday school. Police also arrested the 10 children who had gathered with Lanlan and kept them outside in the cold, walled-in courtyard of the police station without even a coat to keep them warm.

With this harsh treatment towards children, Lanlan knows that the treatment her father will receive will be much worse.

I encourage you to spend some time praying for these believers in crisis.


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