Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Finding Strength In God

Today I was gripped by 1 Samuel 30...
"When David and his men arrived at the town, they found it burned down. Their wives, sons and daughters had been kidnapped. David and the troops wept loudly until they had no strength left to weep." (1 Samuel 30:3-4 HCSB)

What a depressing scene with no hope in sight.

I've faced situations that have left me with no tears and no strength left. You feel kicked in the gut and don't see your way out of the dark. I've been there before.

I'm so glad there's verse 6...
"But David found strength in the Lord his God." (30:6)
In God, he found the strength he needed to make it through.

The story ends with David and his men recovering everything. (30:17-19)

David depended on God no matter what he faced...
He found strength in God in the midst of overwhelming crisis.