Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Time Alone With God Daily

Let’s be honest...at times it seems as though everyone wants something from you.

In times of solitude with God, however, the only person who needs anything is you. You bring your needs, your thought, your worries, your self to God. The result? You’re left with a healthy perspective of who you are and what He has for you to experience, accomplish and enjoy.

Mark 1:35 tells us that “Jesus awoke long before daybreak and went out alone into the wilderness to pray."   Was Jesus a morning person? Not necessarily. Early morning was probably the only time He could be alone.

Author Chuck Swindoll writes..."Jesus found a way to balance the demands on His time with His need for solitude with the Father. This requires creativity and a willingness to inconvenience yourself...to the point of losing sleep, if necessary. Effective spiritual leaders must learn the discipline of keeping themselves in proper balance."

So many people are continually in motion. They can't remember the last time they were alone in God's presence. That's why so many are empty in life.

Spending time alone with God is an everyday investment that will incredibly affect who I am, what I experience in life and how I influence those around me.