Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Can You Name Five?" by Chuck Swindoll

In days gone by, we’d jog with a good friend and stay caught up.
We’d visit with a neighbor while working in the yard.
We’d get acquainted with the stranger in the next seat on the plane.

Not now.

The ever-present headset connected to an iPod communicates in clear terms, “Don’t talk to or interrupt me...I have 3,500 songs to listen to!”

Eye contact is a thing of the past...each person glued to a laptop or staring at a handheld device while writing with their thumbs.

We’re more in touch on Facebook with a high-school friend from yesteryear than the person in the next office or the lady who lives two doors down.

We have multiple names in our “contact list”, but find it difficult to name even five people if we really needed a “close friend”. Can you name five?

Don’t you occasionally wonder who will carry your coffin?
And will their grief over your death cause them to sit through the entire memorial service without texting or checking their voicemail?"

adapted from Chuck Swindoll's article in The Pastor's Soul, Role and Home