Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chuck Swindoll writes...

Not enough is said about finishing. You can find tons of material on getting motivated and finding creative ways to spark initiative, but let's hear it for the opposite end! Let's extol the virtue of sticking with something until it's done . . . of hanging tough when excitement and fun fade into discipline and determination.

We've become a people who embrace the "let's-just-quit" mentality. Dieting requires discipline, so we stay fat. Working through conflict is wearying, so we divorce. Sticking with an occupation is tough, so we resign.

It's no different with spiritual matters. So many Christians start like lightning, but how many continue the course with sustained enthusiasm and vigor?

Our problem isn't that we're ignorant of God's expectations. God calls us to live holy lives, and most of us know it . . . but holiness is tough to attain, so we quit.

There's no such thing as accidental holiness. It takes deliberate, daily decisions for singles to remain pure . . . for parents to keep training their children . . . for all of us to continue pursuing godly living.

excerpt from "A Letter from Chuck Swindoll" on 8/15/13