Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Good thoughts from a blog I read today...

"Periodically, my wife’s allergies flare up enough that she makes a trip to the doctor to get help fighting a sinus infection. She had one of those incidents recently, but the diagnosis wasn’t what she expected. After completing the examination, the allergist said that the problem wasn’t an infection. Rather, it was sand from the Sahara.

Yes, you read that correctly, and no, the doctor is not a quack. Apparently, the global wind and weather patterns have stirred up this very fine sand, launched it into the upper atmosphere, and dropped it in our area. The impact ranges from a quiet Atlantic tropical storm season to congested sinuses.

When I heard this story, I quickly thought of a central concept that we often forget: every change affects everything. Or said another way, everything is connected. There is no such thing as making an isolated change in life. When you make one change, there will always be a ripple effect. It’s impossible to anticipate all of the second- and third-order effects that will be caused by a change. 
So the next time that you’re considering a change, whether big or small, remember the sand from the Sahara."
excerpt from Mike Bonem's blog published on 08.27.13