Thursday, June 4, 2015

Chuck Swindoll's Story...

Today I read a letter from Chuck Swindoll. He has been a source of encouragement and growth in my life through his books and teaching.

Again, Chuck speaks into my heart...

"I want to share a personal story with you. Deeply personal.

My mother's prayer for me 57 years ago changed the course of my life.

A few years ago as I browsed the books in my study, my eyes fell upon an old work by one of my favorite authors, F. B. Meyer, a British pastor of yesteryear. On impulse, I pulled the volume from the shelf, leaned back in my old, leather desk chair, and began turning the pages. To my unexpected delight, it wasn't F. B. Meyer's words that spoke to me that evening but my mother's. In her handwriting, she had added her own observations, prayers, and related Scriptures on many of the pages. On the back cover, she had penned: "Finished reading this, May 8, 1958."

1958. It was in May of '58 while serving overseas in the Marines that I had written in my journal: "The Lord has convinced me I am to be in the ministry. I need to begin preparing for a lifetime of serving Christ."

Amazingly, that same month, my mother had finished Meyer's book. As I scanned her words, I found one reference after another to her prayers for me as I was overseas . . . her desire for God's best for me.

My mother had encouraged me regularly as I was growing up. I can still hear her voice, "I love you, Charles. Always walk with God, son. Finish strong!" I had long treasured her guidance. But that evening I realized that my mother had prayed for me when I didn't even know about it—and it had changed the course of my life.

For the past 57 years, I have been privileged to pass on the faith I learned from her as a child, as well as the lessons I've gleaned from the Scriptures."