Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Serving Fire Victims

Today I read something that connected with what I thought yesterday..."I walk into the city, shocked by the sight...
and I watch (others) going about their business as if nothing's happened." (Jeremiah 14:8 MSG)

Yesterday, my family and I spent the day serving people from the homes in Rancho Bernardo that had been lost or affected by the fires. We loaded up both vehicles at the Convoy of Hope Relief Center in Poway and headed off to the Pomerado Road areas.

We distributed cases of drinks/juices, masks, gloves, bleach and paper towels to many homes and individuals. On several occasions, we interacted with homeowners, neighbors, fire victims, police, insurance agents, SDG&E workers and others.

The image that broke my heart the most is 3 people digging through their burned down home, trying to find something of memories to keep. I offered resources to one man who had lost his home and he said..."I don't need anything now, but it's wonderful to know people like you care about what we're facing."

What I noticed throughout the day is what God spoke to me about this morning through Jeremiah. I only saw 1 other volunteer serving the victims in these neighborhoods. There were no Red Cross personnel or any other agencies present. The thought that crossed my mind was..."While San Diego goes back to life as usual, these people face a loss of normalcy and security."

I have to admit it...I feel proud that my family and my church family has been and continues to be involved in offering assistance to people who need it most. I am surrounded by caring people...and I hope more of it rubs off onto me. I don't want to live my life oblivious to the cares and needs of people around me.