Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cabo Cruise--Day 2

Today my wife and I are enjoying the cruise our church & family surprised us with.
Right now, we’re about halfway between San Diego and Cabo San Lucas.

Last night, we had very choppy waters and the ship was giving out free sea sickness meds.
For anyone who says that you don’t feel the movement of a cruise ship…you’re wrong.
The ship’s staff told us that the conditions were very unusual, so we were the lucky ones.

Probably, not to anyone’s surprise, the highlight so far has been the delicious food.
I told DeeDee that I needed to hit the gym every morning to offset the intake.

We had a nice breakfast on the main deck after working out in the gym.
We had a mid-morning brunch at the aft with the spectacular view of the ocean with no land anywhere in sight.
We’re on our way to lunch and the dessert bar.
Tonight we’re enjoying a “dress up” dinner and later a show.

I’m beginning to realize that cruises are all about the food…
I may need to hit the gym more.